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5 Male, 3 Female

Marius Von Mayenburg trans Maja Zade Price: $16.20

** 10% DISCOUNT **

Fundamentalism and tolerance clash in this funny, provocative play by leading German playwright, Marius von Mayenburg

Benjamin wonít do swimming at school

His mum thinks heís on drugs or has body issues

But Benjamin has found God and mixed-sex swimming lessons offend him

Martyr considers how far we should go in accommodating anotherís faith

And when we should take a stand for our own opposing beliefs


"It is a play that lands Ö like a primed hand grenade, spreading shock not just through its young audiences but also through the adults who see this wishy-washy liberalism, political correctness, tolerance of prejudices and casual neglectfulness of the young reflected back at themselves" ~ Lyn Gardner, Guardian

"Provocative, horribly funny and distressing" ~ Independent

"The true test of anything made for younger audiences is whether or not it has enough to offer older people too. Martyr does. In spades" ~ Gay Times

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