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So You Want To Be A Theatre Designer?

Michael Pavelka Price: $22.50

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A definitive guide to designing for theatre by an award-winning designer credited with over 160 productions

A theatre designer needs to be able to draw on a wide spectrum of skills, work collaboratively with all the different members of the production team, and deliver designs that work in the testing conditions of performance

This book will guide you through everything you need in order to become a theatre designer, including ...

★ The various aspects of design

★ Set and props, costume, masks, make-up

★ The applications of design - opera, dance, site-specific, lighting, video and more

★ The skills you require, and the training available

★ The journey of a design from page to stage, from your first reading of the script, through research, first sketches, storyboards, technical and costume drawings, and on to the model

★ The people you will collaborate with - directors, producers, actors, writers and more

★ And how to work effectively with each of them

Also included is a production timeline to guide you through the mechanics of contracts, copyright, costings, and what you need to have ready at each stage of the process

And it's illustrated throughout with designs by the author and other leading designers

Finally, there are sections on landing your first production and furthering your career

Written by an experienced practitioner and teacher, this book will be an essential guide for any aspiring or emerging theatre designer, as well as anyone seeking a greater understanding of how designers work


"A comprehensive introduction and guide to the world of the professional theatre designer, a key book for anyone contemplating entering the profession" ~ Alison Chitty, from her Foreword

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