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Mothers and Sons

2 Male, 1 Female

Terrence McNally Price: $8.10

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At turns funny and powerful, Mothers and Sons portrays a woman who pays an unexpected visit to the New York apartment of her late son's partner

Who is now married to another man and has a young son

Challenged to face how society has changed around her, generations collide as she revisits the past and begins to see the life her son might have led

M2,F1 + 1 Child


"Terrence McNally is a probing and enduring dramatist. A resonant elegy for a ravaged generation, Mothers and Sons wears its significance defiantly" ~ NY Times

"Eloquent, exceptionally timely and intensely resonant. A moving reflection on a changed America" ~ Chicago Tribune

"Fantastic! McNally captures a moment of hope and promise feels like the sun on your face! ~ NBC New York

"A masterpiece. Terrence McNally is one of the greatest contemporary playwrights the theatre world has yet produced. Profound. Heartbreaking. Triumphant" ~ NY Observer

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