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Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour

0 Male, 6 Female

Lee Hall from Alan Warner Price: $16.30

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Part play, part musical, this is the riotous story of six teenage girls coming to Edinburgh for a choir-singing contest

After opening with an angelic bit of Mendelssohn, the tone flips...

... cigarettes come out and the cast swear their way through an introduction to the characters

They sing, dance and act superbly and, when not part of the main action, they voice a remarkable range of others including, strikingly, the various men who try to hit on them

An Edinburgh afternoon of drinking, sexual misadventures, dodgy characters and more swearing, mean the plan to exit early so they can get home to catch the sailors at the Mantrap night club goes altogether too well

Itís a day in the life of these young women, with glimpses of backstory and hints towards challenging futures ~ Bruce Blacklaw, Edinburgh Evening News

"Sheer joy from start to finish. This show will have a long, happy life post-Fringe, and deservedly so. Beautifully written and directed, Our Ladies is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking ... Easily one of the best shows I've seen in Edinburgh. Strongest recommendation" ~ Randall David Cook

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