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Large Mixed Cast

curious directive Price: $16.95

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"Quantum mechanics is one of those topics that's always just there in a like a super 'I'm so clever' conversation about the grey areas of science. You know, two places at once, walk through walls kind of stuff. It's attractive. It's attractive because it's so spooky"

Two-time Fringe First-winning curious directive tell their story with trademark visual storytelling ...

In a cold converted garage by the sea, a science podcast troupe rehearse their next episode ...

Entitled Spindrift, it follows three sisters as they untangle what happened to their father when he disappeared whilst sailing around the world 20 years ago

A mysterious, heart-breaking triptych, Spindrift traces the invisible waves orchestrating the boundaries of the natural world and examines family, endurance and the paths we choose

Spindrift is a life-affirming story for anyone who has sat on the shore and stared out to sea for hours on end

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