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Stargirl - US & CANADA ONLY

4 Male, 2 Female

Y York from Jerry Spinelli Price: $8.10

** 10% DISCOUNT **

Winner of the Obie Award

In the fall of the new school year junior Leo Borlock settles in to produce his - moderately - popular school TV show The Hot Seat

As usual, he keeps himself safely behind the camera and out of anybody's line of fire

But his safe existence implodes with the arrival of the weird and fabulous Stargirl

Her impetuous enthusiasm for all-things-Leo forces him to choose between his own secure conformity and the glories offered by the Girl from the Stars

Simple staging - runs about 100 minutes


"Brave and moving" ~ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Stargirl lives every moment to the fullest and challenges those around her to do the same" ~ Montgomery News

"Adult themes seen through the perspective of youthful eyes will provide moments to warm the soul" ~

"A poignant character-driven script filled with humor that delves into the difficulties growing up at 16 in high school" ~

"Poignant and powerful Stargirl celebrates kindness, true love and striving to serve each other as fellow human beings to make the world a better place in life's brief moments shared on earth" ~

NB : For copyright reasons US & CANADA ONLY

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