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The 12 Days of Christmas

Large Mixed Cast

Renee Calarco from the traditional song Price: $8.10

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Christmas is just around the corner, and Shirley the Partridge is a bit nervous

It's her very first time carrying out the ancient family tradition gathering the French Hens and the Calling Birds and all the rest - for the official singing of "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

With strict instructions from her mom, Grammy and Great Grammy to guard the Five Golden Rings, Shirley sets off on a quest to find the song participants

But there are some bumps in the road ...

The sweet and sappy Turtledoves get injured while doing their adorable mating dance

The manic and overworked Calling Birds decide to postpone Christmas until spring when shipping and fuel costs are lower

The Six Geese a-Laying have flown south to Florida for the winter, taking most of the Seven Swans a-Swimming with them

And just when things can't possibly get any worse for Shirley, the evil Christmas Hoarder steals the Five Golden Rings

He adds them to his growing holiday collection of Christmas ornaments, Hanukkah menorahs, Kwanzaa fruits, Diwali candles and entire Thanksgiving dinners!

But things look up when Alyssa a super-cool steampunk swan befriends the grumpy Shirley and joins her on her quest

But will they be able to save Christmas?

Or will they decide to break with tradition and "mix things up a little?"

With fresh dialogue and vivid characters, The 12 Days of Christmas is a playful, modern interpretation of the classic Christmas song


M2-6,F3-7 + 1 to 8 either gender
Runs about 55 minutes


"You'll never hear 'The Twelve Days of Christmas' the same old way again ... Brings a new exciting energy to the age-old litany The brave little partridge learns some big lessons about life, friendship and family traditions" ~ DC Theatre Scene

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