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We Want You to Watch

3 Male, 4 Female

Alice Birch & RashDash Price: $16.20

** 10% DISCOUNT **

"Are you finding this harder to hear, is this more difficult on your stomachs because we are women?"

This is about pornography

This is an interview

This is an intervention

This is an interrogation

Were recording now

We want to pull its plug out

We want to stop its heartbeat

We want to blow its brains out and begin again

We know exactly what were doing

Were not stupid

An unsettling, powerful new piece of theatre tackling pornography and violence against women


"Bold. Thrilling. Brutally direct" ~ Time Out

"Strong. Expressive. High energy" ~ Guardian

"We Want You To Watch turns out to be about as joyous and life-affirming an experience you can have in a theatre while the world is still in the miserable shape its in ... it makes a pretty compelling case that [pornography is] hardly the best thing in the world, and does table the more real worry that we have no idea what the effect of the super-proliferation of it will be on the world ... its a hell of a compelling vision" ~ Andrew Haydon, Postcards from the Gods

Premiered at the UK's National Theatre, June 2015

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