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Dreams of Anne Frank - STUDENT EDITION

4 Male, 4 Female

Bernard Kops Price: $15.30

** 10% DISCOUNT **

STUDENT EDITION - includes Commentary & Notes from the Author

In 1942 Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl, was forced into hiding with seven others in a secret annexe in Amsterdam

Dreams of Anne Frank vividly brings her story to life in a poignant and highly charged drama

Using actors, movement and song Bernard Kops re-imagines and explores Anne Frank's hidden world - a world in which she lived, fell in love and dreamed of freedom

Dreams of Anne Frank won the 1993 Time Out award for Best Children's Production and has been performed around the world

** 10% DISCOUNT **

"In celebrating the spirit of optimism that shines through the thoughts and dreams of one extraordinary thirteen-year-old during the darkest of times, Bernard Kops has created a dramatic masterpiece" ~ Time Out

"This play has been a catalyst in stimulating young people not only to question the past but also to confront the very real issues of racism today"~ Jenny Culank, Artistic Director of Classworks Theatre, Cambridge

This STUDENT EDITION includes Commentary and Notes by Bernard Kops

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