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Four Play

4 Male, 0 Female

Jake Brunger Price: $16.20

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A comic play about sex, relationships and fidelity in the 21st century ...

Rafe and Pete have hit a rut

After seven and a half blissfully happy years, their lack of sexual experience is driving them apart

Ans so they proposition mutual friend Michael to help out with their problems - knowing full well Michael has his own partner Andrew

Soon what seems like a simple solution quickly spirals out of control

"Four Play is a truly contemporary look at how gay relationships work in the modern world, where the rise of dating apps is making our ability to commit to relationships harder than ever. But, at the same time, the recent advent of gay marriage and adoption is also changing what gay couples expect from their relationships. Its such a fascinating period were living through and this is the first play Ive read that truly explores these issues refreshingly and honestly. Its also a joy to be working on such a fast paced and funny script Jake writes perfect voices for this generation" ~ Jonathan OBoyle, Director

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