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Eugene Ionesco - Plays - Volume 6 - A Stroll in the Air & Frenzy for Two

Eugene Ionesco Price: $12.95

The sixth volume of Ionesco Plays contains the important 'A Stroll in the Air' and the shorter 'Frenzy for Two'. The former is set in England , near Bristol, where Ionesco first went to learn English

In 'A Stroll in the Air', Berenger and his family are visiting England and the author amusingly comments on English manners and types. But when Berenger finds that he is able to suddenly walk in the clouds, the mood rapidly changes and we get a picture of world very different from the tidy bourgeois ideal of comfortable people in a comfortable landscape - a world filled with carnage, bloodshed, cruelty, famine and disease. This play holds a potent message for the space age

'Frenzy for Two' is a macabre little domestic comedy, set in a revolution or cilvil war, which shows the author in his best conversational vein

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