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The Broke ‘n’ Beat Collective

4 Male, 0 Female

Keith Saha & Sue Buckmaster Price: $16.20

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"Sometimes when I can't stand on my own two feet
Or the voices in my head feel cracked and incomplete
I turn up the volume of my Broken Beats
The Big Heavy Bass sends moves flowing to my feet
Melodic rhymes fill my head and make me feel oh-so-sweet
Cos my Broken Beats help me feel alive
And not so Broke and Beat"

The Broke 'n' Beat Collective is a unique mash of hip-hop, theatre and puppetry

Come and meet Connor, invisible, hiding in the corner with his hood up

And party animal Jack who gets a surprise when one night stand Lateefah turns up at his door

And Joanne, the Paper Girl, constantly ripping herself up about the way she looks and comparing her body shape to the girls in the magazines

Funny and moving, this is a raw and moving play that explores the hardships faced by young people today

Written by Keith Saha, a playwright and the co-artistic director of 20 Stories High, and Sue Buckmaster, the Artistic Director of Theatre-Rites, The Broke 'n' Beat Collective offers a unique theatrical experience, filled with gripping tales, transfixing poetry and hip-hop puppetry


“... genuine originality and flair” ~ The Guardian

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