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Speak Up! Speak Out! - Acting Techniques that make Public Speaking Fun and Fearless

Kathryn Bild Price: $16.20

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"Using universal, time-honored acting techniques Kathryn Bild has given us all - not just actors - a set of tools to help us perform any kind of public speaking role with the confidence and polish of a professional actor. And she makes it fun!" ~ Michael York

Have you ever been afraid to speak in public?

If so, you're not alone

Most people find it terrifying!

But it doesn’t have to scare you any longer

Whether you are:

- an actor
- a politician
- an attorney
- a motivational speaker
- a business or sales person
- a club member giving a report
- or someone making an announcement or a toast

This book is for you!

New York and Hollywood acting and speech coach Kathryn Bild gives you an assortment of acting techniques, tips and exercises that will quell your nerves, wow your audiences, and help you feel more in control in all of your public presentations from now on!


"Bild's inspiring book will help the most reticent speaker find the joy and excitement that comes with using theatrical tools and personal insights to craft an authentic and relevant public presentation" ~ Beth Henley

By the author of The Actor’s Quotation Book - Acting in a Nutshell from Those Who Really Know

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